Here is a powerpoint with photos from past years' International Days.

International Day is held on the playground one morning in early fall or at the end of the year. If no raindate is possible, it is postponed till the next season. The 2017 International Day is scheduled for Wednesday, June 7, the day after the talent shows.

There are three elements:
  1. parade of flags
  2. performances
  3. photos of children wearing special clothes from their countries

Classes sit on the ground facing a stage. Parents (with their cameras) stand around the children, outside the racetrack painted on the yard, leaving racetrack clear for marchers.

marchers in grades 1-5 with a strong family connection to country (family lived there, grandparents there, etc.)
handmade flags instead of bought are greatly preferred.The ESL department already has one made for each country leader to carry, leading younger children from their country. Other marchers make their own (no sticks longer than child’s arm).
country leaders are usually the oldest student from each country. Marchers are called by office intercom to go to the gym first. There are adults there to help the children line up with countries in alphabetical order.
parade is led by principal who makes two loops. Then marchers go sit with classes to watch a performance.

performers in grades 3-5
organized by music teachers. Students may play instruments or sing or dance, tell about their countries, recite a poem in their language, etc. Students who want to perform tell the music teacher a week or two before the day.