Not all printers can print on construction paper size (9" x 12"). Some printers do have special trays for envelopes that can be used. If your printer tray will not adjust the width to 9" wide, you can trim the paper to the standard 8.5" width. It's possible to get things printed at stores such as Staples, too.

pattern for cube house, including two 60-degree gables

pattern for small ell house (this requires 45-degree gables)
pattern for small ell house floor
pattern for small ell house roof

pattern for back-to-back open house
the roof for the back-to-back open house is a rectangle 5" x 8", folded so each side of the roof is 5" x 4"; you can measure and cut this yourself without a pattern
drawings of a different way to join two open houses by hinging them instead of gluing them together

pattern for intermediate ell house floor
pattern for intermediate ell house roof

instructions for cube house
instructions for small ell house
instructions for back-to-back open house
instructions for intermediate ell house (with measurements given)

If you want to make the most advanced house, you draw the pattern yourself on 12" x 18" construction paper, following these instructions (you must calculate your own measurements using very simple algebra).