Here are the stories we've read and written about this year.
When you open a powerpoint, be sure to click on slide show, or it won't display correctly.

  1. Boy, Dog, Frog (10/5) ppt readability 97; clipart; picture blanks; columns to echo-read (parent reads a line, child repeats)
  2. Ghost of the One Black Eye (10/26) readability 90; columns to echo-read (let child speak for the ghost with you, and for the baby crying)
  3. Frog Where Are You (11/2) ppt readability 99 (harder ppt readability 95) easier clipart; easier bilingual grid; the red group first saw the harder ppt and echo-read, but the easier one they may be able to read to you; easier clipart crossword

House construction ppt
daily homework for paper house
completed houses: Gaia, Hyeonu, Harel, Nastja
feedback to do at home and bring back in January

  1. Boy, Dog, Frog, and Friend (1/9) ppt readability 98 (harder ppt readability 93); easier clipart; easier bilingual grid; friend blanks; link to movie
  2. One Frog Too Many (1/30) ppt readability 96; bilingual; clipart; text
  3. Frog on His Own (2/27) ppt readability 95; bilingual; clipart
  4. Granny and the Bear (3/22) ppt readability 93; bilingual; clipart; text
  5. Mouse School (4/3) ppt readability 93; bilingual; clipart
  6. Mouse Picnic (4/28) ppt readability 92; bilingual; clipart
  7. Frog Goes to Dinner (5/31) ppt readability 97; bilingual; clipart; link to movie